Clear Change Metabolic Cleanse

The question no longer is If you are toxic… The question is How toxic are you. With over 70.000 Chemicals in our environment we are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis. The food we eat , the cloths we wear, the air we breath. The clear change program is a simple way to help clear your body of toxins for a fresh start. There are two options for your cleanse. The Clear Change 10 day detox kit comes with everything you need to start your program today. There is a users guide, an on line web class, recipes and tips to get you started and keep you going through the 10 days. The special price of $89.95 is only through the end of June and while supplies last( regular price after promotion is $119.95). For those who would like additional coaching support I am offering a special workbook and two 45 minute coaching sessions with me to help guide you thorough a successful cleanse. The cleanse kit with coaching support is specially priced at $197 a $269 value.

There are many ways to cleanse, Juice fasting as I recently did is a great way to give you body a break from digesting foods. The Clear Change program is designed to support the liver to detoxify the body. During this cleanse you eliminate those foods that are addictive, high allergens, and are difficult to digest. The program includes an abundant amount of fruits, vegetables and easy to digest proteins. The shakes are a satisfying rice protein base that nourishes your body while it is detoxing!