Diets and Duct Tape

duct-tapeRecently the soap holder in my bathroom separated from the wall. Though it has been properly repaired as of this posting, initially it was attached with duct tape. This was a temporary fix which worked for a while but in the long run fixing something with duct tape is just that … temporary. Besides for looking tacky, more than likely the repair will not last and may in the long run cost you more in repairs as the problem gets worse. “Diets” create a similar problem. The may work in the short term but more than likely in the long run the weight will come back on and more of then not more than what was there to start with. In fact when I think about it, much of the state of our health care follows the duct tape model. Rather than finding the underlying issue or problem we take a pill to “treat” the symptoms. But what or why does this problem exist? Where diet is concerned we all know eating more fruits and vegetables is the way to go. We all know that decreasing sugar and white flour will go a long way to improving our health. But it is understanding the underlying problem and fixing it that creates true health. Are you ready to fix your health or are you still applying another layer of duct tape? AND NO DUCT TAPING YOUR REFRIGERATOR IS NOT THE ANSWER!!