Does how you think affect your health?

daffodilsToday, March 1st, presented itself in Raleigh with blue skies scattered with big white fluffy clouds, the kind that make you want lay on your back in the grass, and declare what they remind you of. Temperatures reached the upper 70’s. I had my windows open to allow in the delightful breeze. Daffodils are blooming everywhere I look. These days, I like to do a quick facebook check, to see how my friends are doing and to keep up with business posts from colleagues. What struck me was that we have a real problem with what I am going to label the Goldilocks phenomenon. Last week it was too cold, this week it is too hot. The truth is it just is. And that should be just right!! I have been doing yoga regularly for a year now, and this is one of the lessons I am trying to learn, to be in the moment. To be… that is it to just be.. to stop the continuous, too, should, could of, if only, conversation that exists in our minds. Optimal health is a result of many different components. What we eat, if we exercise, if we get enough sleep and our outlook on life. Researchers have demonstrated that positive thinking can increase live span, lower rates of depression, lower levels of distress, increase resistance to the common cold, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease to name a few benefits . To achieve health we must learn to change our thinking. So next time you catch yourself saying “it’s too hot or too cold, to hard or too soft”, think to yourself…. it is what it is…. JUST RIGHT!