Fiber: one of the new buzz words

As I was driving my son to School this morning, I tuned the radio to NPR Morning Addition. The discussion piece was on Fiber. Isn’t it amazing how medical research demonstrates something to be a health benefit and suddenly it is in everything. There is no doubt in my mind that fiber is important to your systems optimal function, it is important if nothing else to ummmm .. keep things moving smoothly, if you get my drift. But the piece hit on an important point. Where food is concerned we should not single out one component that protects against heart disease, cancer, or other illness. Food comes as a whole package, whole food, that is an apple instead of apple juice, or an orange instead of orange juice So rather that opting for white bread with added fiber to give it the fiber of Whole wheat, opt for a true rustic WHOLE grain bread, which will give you all the other goodies mother nature intended to go along with your fiber. Here”s the link if you want to listen to the whole story yourself . It sounds like the experts agree eating whole natural foods is best!