Juice Cleanse Day 1

Part of my Health Coaching Journey is a personal one, we all have goals and things that need to be tweaked, even us health coaches. As such I am embarking in a short cleanse. My boys, which includes my husband, are out of the house for a few days. This means I do have to feed anyone else but myself (and the dog) so the opportunity for success increases.

There is much controversy as to what cleansing or detoxing is. Here is the run down on how I see it. Detoxes or cleanses are designed to clear out the body of many different things. It can be a substance you are addicted to, such as caffeine or sugar, or it can be environmental toxins such as heavy metals or the barrage of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Cleanses can be as simple as eliminating certain foods and substances from your diet, such as caffeine,sugar,alcohol and wheat , I know I know no fun right, or as restrictive as drinking nothing but spicy lemonade for days and days,not one I am trying tomorrow though I know those that swear by it!

I have chosen to embark on a juice cleanse. With a juice cleanse I am not depriving my body of nutrients, but rather feeding it concentrated nutrition that can be readily absorbed. I am resting my intestinal lining so it does not have to work to “digest” and can heal and eliminate toxins.

So how did day one go? When I woke up this morning I realized I had made lunch plans a few days ago.. great way to start.But I was not letting this few days of alone time pass me by. So I woke up juiced my celery, cucumber, kale and apple, added a knob of ginger and dome lemon, it was actually yummy , went and played two hours of tennis and the went off to lunch. I decided to bend a little and had a salad with lemon as dressing. I chewed slowly and thoroughly, trying to juice in my mouth as best I could. I feel like this was a good compromise. For dinner I had beet, more celery and cucumber.

It is 7:30 I am feeling a little hungry but otherwise pretty darn good! stay tuned for day two.