Juice cleanse day 2 and 3

Ok, well here we are mid-afternoon day 3 of my 5 day juice cleanse. When I shared with a couple of people that I was going to start this cleanse here were some of the comments and questions: Are you still going to exercise? I guess the thought was that I would be low energy, but I am here to tell you I have worked out every day and feel GREAT, even got in a little vitamin D boost with my tennis today. What about protein? Well we do need protein but if you are eating a variety of veggies and LOTS of them there is protein in there. Cows and Horses are building their sturdy frames somehow! Right? The question that was not asked verbally but I am sure they all were asking is Are you crazy? I may be, but juicing or fasting for a period is not such a crazy idea. It gives the body a chance to detoxify and gives digestion a rest. Three meals a day plus snacks is a modern invention and maybe not such a healthful one. But crazy or not, I am enjoying experimenting with different combinations for flavor and nutritional content. Who knew that the sweet potato had so much juice! Man, am I going to have some rich compost! My favorites are the green juices with lemon and ginger– they are actually quite delicious and refreshing. I am also drinking herbal teas that will support my detoxification. Herbs like burdock root, dandelion root and milk thistle are all great for enhancing the bodies ability to cleanse itself. I also got in a good sweat at the gym, the best way to detoxify through your skin and your lungs, and lets not forget releasing that toxic stress. Only two more days to go… I just may continue for a few more days after the boys return. Happy Healthy Juicing!