No Bones about it…

I can’t help but wonder about diseases in the news. Have things like osteoporosis always been there and we never heard as much about it or has there been a sudden epidemic. Have we just gotten better at identifying the issue.  True huge advances have been made in the diagnosis I believe there is much more too it. As with so many of the ailments that plague us these days, lifestyle plays a HUGE factor. Yep, its back to that same old same old.. what we eat and don’t eat and our activity levels. So we can identify it better as it is occurring more; and there have been many advancements in the treatment of osteoporosis, osteopenia in recent years, so just treat it right? But these treatments  are not without controversy and more importantly not with out  side effects. As with every health issue it is multidimensional. No doubt there is normal bone loss that  is inevitable as we age.. just like wrinkles, and there are those genes that seem to be kinder to some than others.But when it comes to lifestyle here are 3 factors that really can have an impact.

Have you been hearing about vitamin D in the news lately. Science is showing the vitamin D is essential for how our body utilizes Calcium and other minerals.

Calcium: Dairy may not be the best form of Calcium and what if  you are vegetarian does that mean you’re doomed to a life with brittle bones. Green leafy veggies are one of the best and most bio-available sources of calcium out there. Yep that means my favorite KALE!

and then of course there is exercise. Weight bearing exercise had been shown to keep bones and muscles healthy.

These three bits of advice are just the tip of the iceberg.. join me for my class on January 4th for more information on keeping your bones healthy .