Taking care of number one!

beautiful-young-woman-with-pinAre you one of those frazzled women (or men) who are always stressed out and exhausted? Do you feel like you are running on empty, using caffeine and sugar to get you through the day? Do you take care of everyone else but fail to find the time to take care you yourself?

When I think about what creates wellness it is not a single factor. Sure what we eat is important, exercise, great supplements. But what is often lacking is self care! If you are like me get so busy in your day to day goings on that you forget to take care of number one! As women we wear many hats. Some of us work full time out of the home, others work full time in the home. We home-school, we volunteer, shuttle kids to activities, take care of fur babies, the list is long and for many there these responsibilities  can be numerous! We take care of so much, but often neglect taking care of number one. Now, I am not talking about the occasional Mani Pedi or facial. These activities are important too, but what I am talking about is true self care! Taking the time to take care of ourselves mind body and soul. You don’t have the time you say? Self care rituals don’t need to take tons of time! There are many simple things you can do to keep you less stressed and making sure you are giving your self the self care you deserve . Here are just a few to get you started

  1. Take five deep breaths! It sounds simple but many of us do not breath deeply . Our lung capacity is about 6 litter and many don’t use half of that. So breathing deeply into your abdomen is a great way to start your day, to release stress during the day or to wind down at the end of the day. Adding a drop of essential oils can help change the mood and enhance the practice. I like to start with a drop of Peppermint Adding peppermint in the morning can open airways and wake up the mind . Adding a citrus oil like wild orange in the afternoon can perk you up and avoid that afternoon slump, and lavender in the evening can help us wind down and relax.
  2. Take a stretch break . So many of us forget to stretch our muscles, we carry a lot tension in our neck and shoulders. a couple of minutes to bring your ear down to each side. bring your chin to your chest, tilt your head back and turn your head from side to side, can do wonders mid day especially if you are on the computer. At the end of a long day you can rub essential oils like deep blue soothing blend or or massage Blend into you neck to sooth away the days cares.
  3. Create a mini spa in your home . Taking a simple 15 or 20 minutes to sit in a tub of warm water. Adding Epsom salts will not help sooth muscles but, your body will absorb much needed Magnesium so many of us lack. Add a few drops of lavender to help relax the body, mind and soul. Lemongrass, Marjoram, ginger and black pepper oils are all wonderful choices for soothing muscles.
  4. Take your vitamins! We are busy, and as much as we try we have gaps in our diet. Even if you are one of those who proclaim to eat all organic, and super healthy, I am here to tell you there are gaps in your diet! our soil is depleted and food , sitting on shelves lose a ton of nutrients. Not all supplements are created equal, you want food based supplements that your body recognizes and actually can use!

Taking care of your self is not selfish , in fact when were are well taken care of we have more to give to others. It is like the instructions when we travel on a plane put your own oxygen mask on first before taking care of others who need help!!