My son and I really enjoyed your class this morning on eating healthy with vegetarian recipes. I learned some important information about nutrients and how our bodies absorb certain fats, and the danger of saturated fats. I also loved hearing that carbs are okay ! My son especially enjoyed making the rice wraps (and eating them ) as they were delicious and EASY to prepare. We are now both fans of tofu and plan on eating more meals with tofu. WE both were amazed how yummy the raw apple pie was and look forward to preparing these recipes at home for the rest of our family. Thanks for a very informative, interactive class. Looking forward to attending more classes in the future.

-Sandi, Raleigh, NC

I recently returned from an overseas trip with a which compromised my digestive issue from drinking some tainted water. Working with Debbie in an integrative approach, in conjunction with my physician helped me discover the best foods to allow my gut to heal and begin a return to normal digestion.

-Josh, Chapel Hill, NC

Deb belongs to a tennis group I play in. She is the person we go to for health or nutrition advice. It is always common sense, helpful, and usually not what you could easily find on the web.

Deb steered me to a way of eating that has allowed to look and feel better  after many unsuccessful attempts with other “diets”. This way of eating has increased my energy, left me with less reactions to the environment, improved over sleep quality. Deb realizes there is no “one diet for all”, and works with you to find the best diet for you at this time.

–Nancy, Raleigh, NC

Thank you for your passion for healthy, balanced living, your compassion and your encouragement during the time that we worked together. ……..

Though this journey has just begun to bear fruit, the tools and knowledge that I gained from you during the course of our work have helped to put me on a better path to a healthier body. I have much more work to do to get where I want to go and my own motivation and effort is the major stumbling block at the moment. However, at least I understand what is needed. With progress on any level, I am encouraged and moving in the right direction…..

We are shopping for more local and organic food, have added many new foods to our diet, are making green smoothies, buying and eating less junk, eating less beef and more fish, journaling our progress and committed to continued progress. Though starting with me making incremental changes, I can see that the knowledge and food awareness has been taking root in our entire family. They too are making some small changes and talking about the issues, which is a delightful bonus.

–Ilona, Raleigh, NC

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your health knowledge with our staff members in June at our monthly “Lunch and Learn!” All of us walked away better educated on how to avoid toxins, and how to improve our overall health.

–Julie, Raleigh

I like meals that are fresh, healthy, and most importantly, fast to make! This soup demo showed me step-by-step how to make 4 nutritious, fresh, chilled soups that take almost no time to make and clean up. No stove needed, just the ingredients and a blender. Debbie gave us generous samples of each delicious soup. The group was fun, and the session was informative! Looking forward to the next one!

–Julia, Raleigh