The skinny on Health

As I was on the elliptical trainer this morning, which is just about the only time I watch TV, I counted 4 ads in the short time that I was watching, directed towards the New Year weight loss push. As a Health Professional I know that body weight plays a big role in our health…however there are many thin people that lack health and vitality. The ads on the screen were for a system that sent you prepackaged food: their ” healthy version” of pasta, pancakes, omelets… what struck me most was the lack of color in the ad, was I watching on a black and white TV set… What happened to eating the colors of the rainbow for health? There is no doubt that if you follow these programs with prepackaged foods, counting calories or points, drinking shakes and potions, you could very well lose weight. But what works in the long term is lifestyle change… Losing weight by eating whole foods is the better way and will keep you healthy as well. Here is to a Happy Healthy 2012