Why Detox

As someone who loves to read about health related issues, I keep coming across information  on detoxing. As you look at our information highway, it seems that this is one of those “buzz words” . some experts think  that we all have the necessary organs to detoxify, our livers, our kidneys, our lungs, our skin and we need not do anything different. Yes it is true that we are designed perfectly , with the systems to cleanse our bodies. But our environment has changed and our bodies are being challenged  Have you ever stopped to think about why there are so many detoxes and cleanse programs available these days? Detoxes have grown in popularity over the last few years and “detox” has become quite a buzz. Word, appearing on food packages, packaged juices, inside yoga studies, spas, and health food stores.  From 3 day juice cleanses 7 day green smoothing detox, liver cleanses to and colon  cleanses there seem to be endless options .So why should we actually detox? Detoxification is something your body is doing every single day, all throughout the day. By breathing, peeing, and pooping, you’re already detoxing! At one point in history, this was likely enough to keep us healthy, vibrant, and disease-free. However, modern living, rife with poor food choices, worse lifestyle choices, and the chemical soup  we live in, our bodies have a harder time doing the job they were created to do.

Having a proper detox can make massive differences to your health, your energy & your outlook on life. It is easy for toxins to build up in your system from – poor dietary choices, pesticides in foods, chemicals & pollution in our environment, the normal processes of metabolism, and even daily stress!It is important for our bodies to have a break from this daily build up of toxins & to deliberately, use processes & techniques that can help us reduce & release these toxins.

Symptoms of toxin overload can include: feeling tired, run down, lethargic, stressed, subject to Illness, digestive problems, unexplained rashes, bloating, headaches, poor concentration, frequent mood changes, the list is long!

Detoxing is more that just avoiding certain foods! Though dietary changes are a big part of what you will be doing in any good detox program. Learning about and avoiding toxic chemicals in your cleaning products, skin care, and environment is critical to helping lessen the toxic burden on your body. The Environmental Working group  has tons of information on which chemicals to avoid. And if you don’t have time to do the research yourself, work with Functional medicine physician or health coach that can help guide you to where toxins maybe be lurking .

Many cultures have used herbs and oils to help their bodies detoxify for centuries. Many effective techniques are still sound ways to rid the body of toxins such as saunas, fasting, rebounding, dry brush, herbs, rest, water, meditation, exercise and a variety of body work are some examples


By getting harmful toxins out of the body and healing and firing up the digestive system, one can usually feel an incredible difference on both a physical as well as a mental level, allowing you to live a more vibrant and happy life!

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